Someone Great [Review]

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson came for my heart with the gone too soon masterpiece that was Sweet/Vicious. After that show ended, I promised myself I would watch anything that would come from her brain. So when this movie was announced, I was just a little bit excited. And when the trailer dropped, I half-joked that she was coming for my neck. Well, I wasn’t far off. Because Someone Great checked all the boxes I wanted and even more.

Sometimes movies just speak to you. That’s why we connect to them and keep going to the movies. Look back at your favourite films and you can probably identify multiple things that you just connected with while watching it the first time. Big action movies are fun but we also need movies that speak to us at a level that, more often than not, just can’t. And Someone Great is just that. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the age of the character, everyone can understand the feeling of lost. Growing up is scary, falling in love is scary but getting your heart broken is the worst.

If on the surface Someone Great is about break-up, it runs much deeper than that. It’s about friendship, love, moving on but also the love one has for themselves. The film is able to juggle all these theme in a tight movie that never feels like it drags on forever. There’s something great about watching a movie about a break-up that is never truly about the guy. As much as I love Lakeith Standfield (Sorry To Bother You, Atlanta) I never got mad that he wasn’t always on screen. No the film is truly about the female friendship that we form and how they define a lot of our twenties.

The trio of Gina Rodriguez (Jane The Virgin), Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect trilogy) and DeWanda Wise (She’s Gotta Have It) is the heart of the film and boyyyyyy does it work. When the three of them are on screen, you can feel the chemistry through the screen. The getting ready montage, a staple of rom-coms, is a standout but I have to give it to the boyega scene where I was crying of laughter. The three of them shine bright and while Rodriguez’s Jenny is developed more since she is the main character, that doesn’t mean the others are forgotten. They are given their own arc, their own story, their own personality and you become as attached to them as Jenny.

What makes Someone Great overcome it’s shortfall is that trio. You can forgive the sometime too long flashback or the jokes that don’t always land because that main trio works. Everyone will have one of the three girls they can identify with. For me, the standout of the film was DeWanda Wise. I knew her from Spike Lee’s reimagining of his film She’s Gotta Have It but from her first moment on screen she owned it. There was something so real about her performance and even when she was in the background you could tell everything that her character was feeling. She also got  out of me the biggest laughs of the night.

Maybe Someone Great isn’t perfect but if you look beyond the small faults that it has, it’s easy to see the potential that Robinson has as a director. The story might sometime fall into some tropes that we have all seen but that doesn’t matter because at the end of the day Robinson made us care about these girls and made them fully fleshed characters. The cinematography isn’t as flamboyant as other film but it never made me mad. This film might not be the best out there but it made me feel good, gave me a good laugh and reminded me why I loved Robinson so much in the first place.

You can catch Someone Great in select theatres and on Netflix starting April 19.


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