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The UnderSCENE is currently accepting pitches.

The UnderSCENE is run by Arianne Binette and Andres Guzman. Together, we love television shows, superheroes, horror films, musicals, but most importantly, proper representation in media. We made this site so that we could talk about the things that matter to us that are usually sitting on the bench, only hinted at, or sometimes, ignored entirely. Now, we’re opening our inbox so that you can talk about these things that matter as well.

What are we looking for?

  • A unique perspective of something we haven’t seen before.
  • A fascinating way in which you began to feel seen on screen.
  • Some fun retrospectives.
  • Personal writing. We want to get to know you, and we want our readers to know you as well.
  • Fascinating Features.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we are unable to pay. We plan in the future to put in place a system where we will be able to compensate everyone. We just need time to grow and in order to do so, we need a bit of time.

For your pitch, include a sample of your writing if possible. We promise to respond to every pitch we receive.

E-mail us at or use the form below.