Like many of you, I’ve been counting the days and looking forward to Lovecraft Country since it was announced. Having seen the trailer a dozen and a half times since it was released (as if I was the only one who did so), I still felt like I wasn’t sure what I was about to walk into for the show. And after seeing the first five episodes, I yet don’t have an idea of what the show has left up its sleeves.

For months Arianne has been talking about this film. If you know her or her taste, you’d know why. Any movie with Lily James or Tessa Thompson is a must-see in her household. So, imagine her reaction when they’re in a film together. And also imagine hearing about it for months on end. In fact, the only reason I’m doing this write-up is that she’s stuck at work and hasn’t even had the opportunity to look at the trailer yet. Sorry friend.