Hi! We’re new, so we’d like to introduce ourselves.

We are the underSCENE. Primarily based out of Toronto, we are a collection of writers who want to be a step towards the change we need. But first and foremost, we’re a bunch of film geeks, and so we’re gonna frame these ideas for the big screen. And that means looking at the film industry and its mess. Before we get into all of that (Trust me, we will.) we’re here to talk about being visible on screen. For those of us non-cis, non-white folk, we don’t often see ourselves in the movies or on T.V. Rarely in a positive way. We’re never the hero of the story, but the sidekick, the villain, or dead before the end. It’s exhausting and demoralizing. Sure, representation for minorities is getting better, but for every Black Panther or Crazy Rich Asians, we have thousands of films starring Scarlett Johansson as an Asian person. The corporate media chooses not to properly cover these films, so we’ll do it instead.

We created the underSCENE to talk about queer cinema, films by and about people of colour, mental health issues, and more. We are the underdogs, starving for representation and craving to see ourselves out there. I’m sure that you, the reader who found this safe place, crave that as well. Our focus is simple, we want to tackle movies about the other people on this planet and not always follow the straight white man’s adventure. Ones where we take the lead and find happiness.

You deserve it, after all. So allow us to show you, you.

Now you know who we are, so tell us a bit about yourself.

the underSCENE team;