Luce [Trailer]

Trailer write-up time!

Taking a mild break from my reviews and watches to talk about a movie that I am ready to rally behind. Let’s talk about Luce for a quick minute. Directed by Julius Onah (The Cloverfield Paradox. Hold your thoughts, I know what you’re thinking) and written by the man behind the play of the same name, JC Lee. Let’s take a look at this trailer now.

First off, let’s acknowledge the cast. While having not seen the film yet, I still am aware of Funny Games (2007) which had Naomi Watts and Tim Roth as a married couple as well. It’s an interesting comparison I think when you watch this brillant trailer of what seems like an exhilarating thriller. We also have Octavia Spencer with her second “villain” character in one year.  Now I haven’t seen Ma yet, but I plan on it.  But I appreciate that 2019 is the year that Octavia Spencer plays villainous characters. Or so it seems.

At the front of the film is Luce, played by Kelvin Harrison Jr. This is an actor I want to see more of and whenever I can. Coming from It Comes at Night, Monsters and Men, Assassination Nation, it’s clear that Neon and A24 like him a lot, and for a reason. He’s got a wonderful unique charm to him.

The word of mouth has been incredible, as are the reviews, so now we can only hope that the release date includes Canada as well. But for our friends in America, watch Luce in theatres for August 2nd. This writer is still waiting for Little Woods.