Our Thoughts

I’ll be the first one to say that until last week, I wasn’t scared.

And then as things do, more and more dominoes fell down. And now everything is cancelled and delayed.

As of writing this, I’m not even sure what my current employment status is. I’ve heard inklings of temporary lay off, but I won’t know until they decide to tell us.

Now is the time to be scared. But it’s also worth knowing that somehow, we’re all in this together. We have to support each other while we can, however, we can.

So, we’ve all heard the news regarding COVID-19. We need to wash our hands as often as we can. Avoid touching your face. And unfortunately, avoid large groups of people and events like movies. Please practice social distancing.

In the meanwhile, the writers are going to try and be more vocal on this site. We’re all going to try and write more articles such as what to watch while self-isolating. Talking about some of our favourite films of all time.

Please stay safe.
the UnderSCENE team;