Black Bear [Trailer]

Yesterday, I wrote about Sound of Metal, and today I’m talking about the absolute EXCELLENT film that is Black Bear.

Writing about this film is going to be super tricky.

I’m posting the trailer for people to be aware of the film, but not necessarily to watch the trailer. The film previously played at a few film festivals and has gotten a lot of buzz. At the same time, I’m a massive fan of Christopher Abbott and Audrey Plaza, and by putting both in the same film? Instant ticket bought, even before I knew what the film was about.

I’m hoping all of you who read this will follow suit.

The synopsis in the press release reads “At a remote lake house, a filmmaker plays a calculated game of desire and jealousy in the pursuit of a work of art that blurs the boundaries between autobiography and invention.”

Every year, I tend to have one film in which I recommend to as many friends as I can, and when they ask me to explain it or talk about it, I simply tell them “just trust me, press play.” While the year isn’t over (though it is soon, but also doesn’t fully feel like it), I already believe this will be that film.

also, worth noting a gorgeous poster

Black Bear will be on Canadian screens & VOD on December 4th