Loki [Episode 1 & 2 Review]

Marvel Studios has taken over the box office for the last 13 years. After taking one full (release) year off, they decided to play catch up and release 4 films, and 6 different shows. We’ve only reached June and about to hit the third out of 10 properties. With Loki, we are looking at Tom Hiddleston’s return to the famous God of Mischief after his death in Avengers: Endgame

In an overly complicated sentence, after past Loki steals the tesseract after being caught by the past Avengers, he travels elsewhere, and thus, causes a breach in the timeline. He is then apprehended by the TVA (Time Variance Authority) in an attempt to be “reset” to salvage the “sacred timeline.” If this sounds bizarre and wonky, it is, but it’s in good fun, similar to Doctor Who (a comparison a million and one other writers including myself is going to make, due to its influence on the show as a whole). For what it’s worth if it sounds confusing, after the first episode, you shouldn’t be confused. It is filled with both exposition and acts as a recap in case you’re one of the few who missed out on the events of Endgame. 

We’re also introduced to Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) who is an agent of the TVA who is on the lookout for dangerous time criminals. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is Ravonna Renslayer who was once a hunter, but now is a judge of the TVA. Hunter B-15 is played by Wunmi Mosaku (His House, Lovecraft Country). As of the first two (out of six) episodes, Renslayer and Hunter B-15 don’t add a whole lot to the show, but what they do bring is humour and a better understanding of the way the TVA works. It gives a person Mobius can banter with that isn’t just Loki. Which is worth the price of admission. Watching Wilson and Hiddleston have their back and forths, more so in the second episode, had me finding some of the best humour in the universe so far. 

In the first episode, we are given a glimpse into what could be possible, but while the first episode isn’t necessarily bad, it isn’t until the second episode in which we can begin to really have fun. In the first episode, we find out by him disrupting the sacred timeline, there was a domino effect of many other breaches, so now Mobius wants Loki’s help to fix it all. Part time travel, part detective work, all MCU. By the time the credits start in the second episode, it’s clear that there’s a lot to unravel and hidden up their sleeves. 

Most people have rushed to say that “nothing will be the same after Loki, and while that is still to be confirmed, most MCU title’s change something in regards to the rest of the timeline, so it’s a safe and easy assumption that Loki has many mysteries and changes that are hidden up theirs, it really depends on if the audience is going to enjoy that. 

After watching the first episode, it left me wanting more, but possibly not in the way that they had intended. I questioned what could this show do, or uncover, and yes, how is it going to change and affect the MCU moving forward? While episode 2 hasn’t answered all the questions, it’s a great start. It’s a shame that only the first episode will be premiering on the 9th and audiences will have to wait for the following Wednesday for something great. While Loki might not reach the heights that WandaVision flew in, Loki feels like might be flying just underneath it.