Scream [Trailer]

No preamble. I’ve been waiting too long for this. Let’s watch.

Yes, the trailer does seem to be way more spoilery than I had originally hoped for, but it looks like a huge cast with a huge body count, so who knows.

Ghostface looks terrifying. To say the film is modern (between Jenna Ortega locking the house through her phone) is an understatement. It looks brutal, relentless, and fun. Okay, maybe fun is the wrong word, but as someone who went to the anniversary screenings to see the film for the umpteenth time and fell in love with its brilliance all over again and has begun thinking about getting a Ghostface tattoo, yeah, I’m going to use the word fun.

The Scream franchise means a lot to me, watching it again and again as I slowly found myself falling in love with the series as well as the slasher and horror genre as a whole. Watching Scream 4 during opening weekend in theatres felt magical, as did both times I’ve had the opportunity to watch Scream on the big screen.

Do I wish I could have gone in blind to watch this film, absolutely, but I will be watching Halloween Kills once it opens, and there’s no way they’re not including this trailer for that film.

I’m excited, with or without the trailer. Tell us your thoughts.