Introducing Fight Knight: A Movie Debating Podcast

It’s been a minute since I’ve been here.

I’ve been slowly working on a podcast for the past few months, and it’s finally here. Almost. The teaser is out today, but the first episode comes out in two weeks.

We will be submitting the podcast to Spotify, Apple Podcasts and every possible provider we can get our hands-on and I’m sure we’ll have that settled in time for the first episode airs on the 28th.

For now, you can hear our teaser below.

Fight Knight is part of the GoodKnight Podcast Network, the one that has two shows where our (their?) very own Freddy is a part of as well. I’m joined by one of my closest friends Liv, and we try to fight one another every episode. Also, our intro/outro music is done by Tilly.P, a great friend of ours and the site. Goes without saying, wicked talented musician.

Each season is going to be about one genre of film. Liv and I choose 8 films of that genre and then in each episode, we try to argue and fight to see what film is the better film for the genre. It’s also worth mentioning that we don’t know which film we’re fighting for until we’ve already started recording.

I’m online arguably too much, and I often see people constantly reacting to a positive reaction to a film or show with negative comments. Sometimes I tweet about a film I love, and someone who doesn’t even know I existed until they stumbled upon my tweet, responds with how much they think a film is bad. But no film is just bad, or just good. These things we love are way more nuanced than that. There are positives and negatives in every film and we want to acknowledge that. We’re going to get rid of the term “guilty pleasure” and allow us to enjoy whatever we love and if we don’t, we don’t tell other people how much they dislike it as a reaction.

We want to make the listeners part of the tournament and have interactions with us. That’s why we’re posting our brackets online. Thanks to our favourite graphic designer (who obviously killed it with The UnderSCENE logos, so hit her up with any gigs). We want you to guess who you think will win the whole thing and we’ll shout out the people who are the closest.

Send in your brackets either in comments here, our tweet about the podcast (Twitter account handle will be found just below us) or e-mail it to us at

See you in two weeks when our first episode, Lady Bird vs The Last Black Man in San Francisco comes out.

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