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Tully [Film Finales]

Oh, how I’ve missed you, Film Finales. And Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody as well.

I’m bringing a few series’ from my previous site and this one was one I enjoyed very much. For the reader’s unaware of the Film Finales series, they are articles revolving the final frame of the film and how that summarizes the themes of the film. So, spoilers, obviously.

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Mia’s Top Ten Favourite Film of 2018

I have been tasked with the tough decision of making my Top Ten Favourite Films of the year. This is never an easy venture. As a self proclaimed film buff/cinephile I find I constantly fall in love with films and my lists just keeps piling up as the year goes on. I’m also that kind of person who if you ask about my favourite movie, food, ice cream place I will give you a top 3-20 list because I can never choose just one.

I feel like I saw a lot of films this year but comparing my list to others I may have missed a lot of the buzzworthy films because they didn’t make my list. I also still have so much to catch up on regarding films that came out in 2018. I apologize in advance as my list will definitely not match others but I’m confident in saying these titles shouldn’t be looked over either.

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