High Flying Bird [Trailer]

This one was a film I had heard about prior but completely forgot about it. And then the trailer dropped (before being pulled off for the wrong aspect ratio) but it’s gloriously back online. Steven Soderbergh is a certified legend. Once the hardest working directors ever. In the year 2000, he was nominated for Best Director twice for Erin Brockovich and Traffic and then won for Traffic. If you take a look at his filmography, something in there will surely shock you – like the fact he’s the credited second unit director for the first Hunger Games film.

Soderbergh was putting out nearly a film a year until he retired, which didn’t last that long (2013-2017 in terms of release date) but in relation to his output, felt like forever. Side Effects is incredible as is his return Logan Lucky. He also was working on the beloved (but not yet watched by this writer) The Knick in which he directed all 20 episodes. And he edited, shot himself and produced, but none of that is a surprise to fans of his work.

Unsane is a film I heard no one talk about last year which is a damn shame, shot on an iPhone and is claustrophobic in all the right ways. I guess he loves shooting on iPhones a lot because his latest High Flying Bird was also reportedly shot on an iPhone 7.

Written by Tarrel Alvin McCraney who won an Oscar for the expert script that is Moonlight, with a cast of Andre Holland (also, from Moonlight), Zazie Beetz, Zachary Quinto, Kyle Maclachlan and more. Shot on an iPhone so you can watch it on your iPhone, February 8th on Netflix.