High Life [Trailer]

There was nobody else on this site who was more excited to write about this trailer than me. First off, A24 is the company that sends me flocking to the theatres time and time again. Their track record is incredible (at least for myself) and is behind my last three favourite films of a year (First Reformed, Good Time, and Moonlight). So any time they announce a film or release a trailer, I get excited. This time isn’t any different.

From French director/superstar Claire Denis and A24, starring Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche and even Andre Benjamin himself, I am all ready for this film. It played at TIFF, and I missed the film, but Arianne got to see it. She told me a bit, but the praise is insane, from her and the internet, it’s super mixed. Which brings more excitement. I know a bit, and by a bit, I only know the term “fuck box” is related to the film. How? Why? Unsure, but I’m ready to try the trailer out.


Wow, okay. A mixture of 2001, and Sunshine. I am okay with this. It looks gorgeous, I’m going to be obsessed with this whenever it comes out, even if I’m still a bit unsure of what the film is about. But in reality, I think the term “fuck box” jumped out, even more, when we got a shot of the ship as a box, or maybe it’s something else.

Bring it on.