Knives Out [Trailer]

This is where the controversy might begin.

The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars film. You can have your own favourite, but on a technical level, it is the best. Both my opinion and probably as close to fact as possible.

Many years ago, I remember renting Brick from my local blockbuster. As I sat down and watched JGL be the leading man (to my knowledge as a twelve year-old) and I was completely blown away. I remember finishing the film and loving the world that Rian Johnson built on screen. It’s slimy, but in a very silly way. I knew to walk away paying attention to his name. Then somehow missed out on The Brothers Bloom years later.

But there was no way I missed out on Looper, which I believe is an incredible sci-fi film and was my favourite out of his films at first. Then I watched Brothers Bloom and I was left crying in my living room. In comparison to Brick, each film grows in scale. From a small town to tackling cons, to going back in time and to the future and finally reaching space. It’s been a natural progression of skill, humour and emotion.  That’s why, when they announced his next film was going to be stuck in a house delving into an original murder mystery – I was jumping for joy. With everything he learned by now, I can only expect great things.

Look at that cast. I don’t even have time to mention them all, but just take one look at the trailer and your favourite (or second favourite) is definitely in this film. I’m waiting for an appearance of Noah Segan and JGL as they’ve cameoed in every film that Rian has done thus far.

Once again, the scope of the film somehow feels massive and small. The humour is flooding through the gates and I’m sure there are emotions hidden in a film about a family member’s death.

I have one request Rian, please be at TIFF. We at The UnderSCENE beg you to return. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to figure out how to casually say “definitely eat shit” to someone today.