A new 007 is coming and I can’t wait.

I will be honest, yes I have watched most of the James Bond movies but I never was a true fan. I liked the films but the sexism and misogyny of it all always rubbed me the wrong way. Hell, one of my final essay in University was about just that. But never the less, I was always planning to keep going with the series, because they actually happened to be good. I enjoyed the action and Daniel Craig was a good Bond, he wasn’t your typical Bond but he still was entertaining.

When Bond 25 was announced and it got said that Danny Boyle was going to direct it, I was excited. Then he excited and Cary Joji Fukunaga took over the role, I was even more excited. And then they hit the jackpot when they hired, in my opinion, the best working writer in the industry right now, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. For the first time, I thought that maybe this Bond film wouldn’t have all the problem I always had with it, because if there’s one thing Phoebe knows how to do is write female characters. Just look at her characters in Fleabag and Killing Eve.

And then today, an insider revealed to The Daily Mail that Lyshana Lynch (Captain Marvel) character would be introduced as the new 007. The story says that at the beginning of the movie, Craig’s Bond will be retired and Lynch’s character would have taken over the 007 mantel. While Craig will still be James Bond, the title of 007 will now be to this black woman. And if you aren’t excited, then maybe read this again.

007 will be a black woman. THIS IS HUGE.

Now, we still don’t know how everything will play out if that means that Lynch is the future of the franchise or not. But this is a big step. Now, I know people will complain and be racist, we already saw it happen this week with the casting of Halle Bailey (Grown-ish) as Ariel. But for now, I will live in this happy bubble of seeing such a feat happen. It’s big, it’s important and it’s the future. And I for one cannot wait to see it happen on the big screen.