Our Patreon Page

Friends, it’s time.

We’ve been discussing this for some time now behind the scenes. In fact, before we launched we knew we wanted to try this out.

As of right now, our writers haven’t been paid. As much as we love to write about films and do what we are doing, we would also like to be able to do this full time if it were possible. So we decided to launch our own Patreon page.

This isn’t going to make us have fewer posts on the site, in fact, it should cause us to be more frequent and allow more content. All the information can be found if you visit the link.

With patrons, this will allow us to be able to start a podcast we’ve been wanting to do for some time. As well as reviews of older films. With different tiers, you’ll have access to contacting us and requesting films to be reviewed as well inside information (and early access) to some new posts.

If as of right now, you can’t donate, a share would also be beneficial.

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See you soon,
The UnderSCENE;