Monos [Trailer]

Recently, Arianne and I were having a conversation and we came to a realization. As if it really makes that much of a difference, but, some of her favourite films of the years always come out of SXSW. And for myself, it’s always Sundance. There’s obviously over-lap but this marks to be true. And this marks another movie that came out of Sundance that is now on my list.

I didn’t even hear about this film until this trailer dropped and I’m so happy to hear about it.

This looks epic in so many ways. I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen in the film but it looks insane.

I never thought I wanted a mix of Lord of the Flies and Apocalypse Now, but now I do.

Neon and their great taste picked the film up, and now I’ll be waiting to find out who picked it up in Toronto. I expect Mongrel or Elevation to snatch it up, and soon.