Jojo Rabbit [Trailer]

Some of us saw this coming.

As it happens with every film festival, after a movie is announced, we typically welcome a flood of movie trailers to build hype up for their film (and the festival). It seems like the first one on our docket is Taiki Waititi’s Hitler film. A lot of people already saw the trailer, but if you haven’t, after the jump you can watch the officially released version (on YouTube at least).

Now, if you’re only familiar with Taiki Waitit because of Thor Ragnarok, you are sadly missing out on a potential comedic genius. But rather, it goes more than just comedy. If you’ve seen his other films like Boy, or Hunt for the Wilderpeople, you’ll see his variety and how brilliant he is at tone. And yes, it does work the same in Thor (or even his cameo in Endgame).

And that’s why a Disney distributed movie about a boy and his imaginary friend (who is Adolf Hitler) sounds amazing. There’s something about not having friends and being lonely Taiki will mine perfectly (once again, see: Boy) while also, it’s so absurd, it’s gotta be brilliant.

It’s on our watchlist for TIFF, so keep your eyes peeled for our review.