Black Christmas [Trailer]

If you wait patiently, I’ll have the review for It: Chapter Two out soon, but until then, one more trailer. And it’s a big one.

Obviously, a remake of the 1974 film Canadian classic, and also a remake of the 2006 less-than-favourable remake I guess. I’ve been excited about this but my excitement grew when I realized that Imogen Poots is in the film.

Now at first glance, it feels like both a remake as well as a new version, a welcomed “female power” take on the film. Which makes sense when the film is directed by a woman and written by two. It makes the film live in some sort of mythology that has lasted through time which begs the question, is this a remake or some sort of reboot/continuation?

Frankly, the answer doesn’t care. I’m looking forward to a slasher film, and hoping for one that doesn’t make me feel so grossed out from all the voyeurism that is done in the first film. I’ll admit, the 1974 version left me cold watching it, I felt no attachment to the characters and felt like I was supposed to somewhat sympathize with Billy, and I did not want it.

So bring me a female-led and powered version this time around. It’ll be a great Christmas gift.

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