Tenet [Trailer]

Hi friends.

You know what to do. Hit the jump, watch the trailer. I’ll give my two cents afterwards.

Let’s be honest, who saw this one coming? I started writing this article in preparation before noon, since everyone thought that the trailer was going to drop at noon (EST). Warner Bros tend to drop their trailers at that time period.

It’s 8 hours later, and I’m currently waiting in the lobby of Fortnite to witness the trailer on the biggest screen possible for me, my living room TV. Joke’s on me because I couldn’t figure it out anyway. Of all the places for the trailer to premiere, nobody expected it would premiere on Fortnite.

Before we get to the trailer itself, it ends with something that’s very telling, it only says “coming to theatres”, but there’s no date to be found. A theory of mine that I spared with the other writers is that I believe it’s going to be pushed until about October, and some other WB titles might also get pushed back as well.

Which is kind of good for it to be delayed because it deserves to be seen with a full crowd, and we won’t be able to get that during the pandemic. As someone who makes plans and schedules all around release dates and trying to get to films as early as possible, I don’t see it being possible to see Tenet on the big screen, or remotely enough how Christopher Nolan invisioned it.

As someone who works at a theatre, I don’t see them being opened in time for the film to be released. Or at least, allowing them to sell out. For a few days prior to Cineplex’s shut downs, we were down to skipping every other seat and row cutting down from all seats sold to just around 50%. And a sold out theatre opening night type of experience is one that I miss dearly.

The trailer runs a bit longer than I expected. I still don’t think I understand what the film is about just yet. One thing is for sure, it’s not about time travel, but it is about a relationship with time. As if we weren’t semi aware of that prior. But the cast looks amazing, as does the scale of the film. But again, that’s not necessarily surprising.

As of writing this, Tenet is a film that will be released in theatres. When? We’re not sure yet, but this isn’t getting no home VOD scenario. Nolan wants the theatre experience, and so do I. We just have to wait.