Justice League Snyder Cut [Trailer]

Zack Snyder is back and with a vengeance.

When Justice League was released, it was clear that this was not the vision that Snyder had seen when he first started doing this film. But family took a priority in his life and he was forced to leave before the film ever was finished. Joss Whedon took over and the end product was more than disappointing.

After years of asking for it, WB finally caved and gave Snyder a budget to finish his own movie and finally give the fan what they wanted. Does that mean it won’t be a disaster? We don’t know yet but one can hope that it won’t be like the original film that was a mixed bag really.

Now the biggest news that we got during the panel was the HBO Max would release the Snyder Cut as a mini-series. 4 episodes of 1 hour. Snyder finally can show everyone what he had envisioned for his Justice League. We already know the basic story of the film but it will be interesting to see what the end product will be.

And we also got our first full trailer for the mini-series.