Ammonite [Trailer]

I’m tired. I’m tired of lesbian films taking place in the past, tired of not being able to enjoy a film because I know the terrible ending where someone dies or goes back to her husband is coming closer and closer. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy them from time to time, after all my favourite film of last year, Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a period drama. I’m just tired of that setting being the only way for me to find lesbian representation in films. Why can’t I have a Love, Simon? Why is it that lesbian love stories are always about pain and suffering? I’m tired honestly.

That being said, Francis Lee’s Ammonite does look like a good film. I have nothing against it, just yet, but I can’t help but feel like I have seen this film a 1000 times. And the truth is, I probably have… I mean just from the trailer, I got the feeling of watching an English Speaking version of Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Does the film look great? Yes, from the trailer you can see that a lot of love was put into it. The acting seems on point, I mean how can it not be when you have Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet as your leading ladies. But I can’t help but feel a lot of disinterest in the final project.

Does any of this mean that I won’t go watch this film? No, I will go watch it and probably even enjoy it. Because even if I am tired, I am still craving that representation that I, too often, don’t get.

I am tired, and maybe one day, I won’t be…

But make you can form your own opinion and watch the first trailer for Ammonite right now.