A Conversation With Scare Me’s Josh Ruben

As some may know, Kennisha covered Scare Me for us (here’s her review) and I loved the film so much, I covered it for KeithLovesMovies.

Since I’ve seen the film to review it, I’ve watched it a few more times. It’s raised high on my favourite films of the year. You’ll read more about it when my best of list drops early in January.

Josh Ruben appears in Scare Me by Josh Ruben | photo by Brendan Banks

Scare Me can be found on Shudder but as of today, you can also buy it or rent it digitally! There’s some fun extras that you can get when you get it on iTunes. It comes with a commentary with Josh as well as Brendan Banks, their cinematographer (definitely going to watch this later today). A brief Q&A with Aya Cash, and Josh Ruben seperately. An outtakes reel, and some behind-the-scenes photos. And also, the thing I will replay over and over again, the music video for “Feel The Music, Feel the Light / GET READY FOR SOME SERIOUS EVIL!” It’s a bit of a long title, but the song is super catchy. Coming from the film, as well is the single from the soundtrack to the film. During the interview, Josh mentioned you can buy the single on iTunes, and as of writing this, you can’t. But I will update with a link once it’s available!

Here is my interview with Josh Ruben.

Buy it on Google Play or iTunes today!