A Conversation With COME TRUE’s Anthony Scott Burns

To be honest with you all, I’ve been wanting to speak to the director of Come True since I first saw it at Fantasia. It was my most anticipated, it was my favourite – it made it on my best of list of 2020 (even though it officially comes out tomorrow) and it’s currently my favourite film of the year. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen me constantly talk about the film and I’m going to continue to do so.

As I said, I had the great opportunity to sit down and talk Anthony’s ears off, as we spoke about his previous work in Our House, the ever-terrifying “Nightmare men” and about the praise I keep giving. We even get into some spoiler territory, but they will be a warning about it, but it is a bit vague.

We did have a few technical difficulties, my internet wasn’t the greatest, but we made do, and it was a constant joy to talk to him. I also foolishly forgot to switch Zoom from Speaker to Gallery, so it’ll go back & forth between our faces. Here is our conversation.

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