In 1989 Compton, L.A  Anna Bludso (Elle Lorraine) is a young Black Woman working as a production assistant with hopes of becoming a VJ for her music network. When her new boss, Zora (Vanessa Williams) arrives, Anna figures she has a chance to advocate for the role she wants. Yet after constant comments about her image, particularly her hair, are made a focal point as to why she is not T.V appropriate. After Zora suggests a weave to amplify her look, Anna visits Virgie (Laverne Cox) and ends up with hair with a mind of its own.

Scare Me is directed by Josh Ruben (best known for his work on CollegeHumor). He also plays Fred, an aspiring novelist who goes to a cabin to focus on writing his book. He meets Fanny (Aya Cash), a bestselling horror author also working on her next novel. When the power goes out, Fanny makes her way over to Fred’s cabin and they enter a competition to tell the best scary story.