In a weird surprising turn of events, I found out that the director of The Dancing Dogs of Dombrova isn’t too far from me, so we met in person at a park, and sat the proper 6 feet apart and had a conversation.

We talk about Covid, theatres, his recent short film The Announcement and a bit of the journey that Dancing Dogs has had.

I had the incredible pleasure of being able to talk to the director of one of my favourite film’s coming out of Fantasia. John Hsu directed the absolute hell out of Detention. Detention was the first film that I saw out of the festival, and it set the exact mood and feel that I wanted for the rest of the festival.

It’s only playing once during the festival, and that is tonight (August 24th) at 7 pm. So read my interview, buy a ticket (it’s only 8 bucks, cheaper than Cineplex – and safer than Cineplex) and enjoy a truly great film.