This past week I got to speak to Kelvin Harrison Jr. on the phone about finding his voice, both as an actor and as an excellent singer in The High Note. As I say during the interview, I first found Kelvin watching It Comes at Night, and ever since then I knew he would capture his audience’s attention every chance he got. I just didn’t know he would do so by singing.

Sometimes comedies just hit the right spot. Some comedies are just tailor-made for you, while others not so much. Late Night is not only in my wheelhouse when it comes to humour but it just hits a home run when it comes to its subject and message. Filmed in 2017, Late Night is as timely as ever and maybe even more in the post #MeToo era that we live in. And yet, while it hammers down on its feminist message and diversity message, it’s never too much. It always does it just right.