The Death and Life of John F. Donovan [Trailer]

As someone from Quebec, Xavier Dolan has been one of my favourite filmmakers since he first released his debut feature I Killed My Mother. He has a unique voice that is so him that watching a film of his you just know you are watching a Xavier Dolan film. He is not only prolific but I think he is one of those voices that everyone should experience. With the released of The Death And Life of John F. Donovan, Dolan will for the first time released an English speaking film.

The film premiered at TIFF this year and while it didn’t get great reviews but I personally enjoyed it. It might be the most Dolan film of all his movies. It’s going to be interesting to see if things changed after the reviews, if he tweaked things or not according to watch the reviews said. Nonetheless to say it will be a must-see and I would say it’s worth the ticket just for the amazing performance given by the cast.

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