Good Kisser [InsideOut19 Review]

When I sat down for Good Kisser I expected one film and halfway through I realize I was getting something else. And honestly, I am glad. I don’t exactly know what I expected but I think that from the premise I didn’t expect to find a film that is all about empowering yourself and finding your voice.

Good Kisser is often uncomfortable, maybe a little too uncomfortable but with time, you get used to it. And a lot of that rest with the chemistry of its three lead. If one of them didn’t have good chemistry with each other, then everything would have fallen apart. Because most of the film takes place with just the three of them, it relies on their chemistry and their trust of each other.

What Good Kisser does so well does not tell you everything right away. Things are revealed slowly and the more you learn about the characters, their relationships and the situation you can’t help but feel invested. Because the premise is so thin, two girlfriends decide to invite someone else in their relationship for a threesome, it relies a lot on the relationship and the history that exist between the characters.

What I was the most afraid for with this film was that it would become redundant quickly. How many time can a character run away from the situation because of stress before it becomes annoying? How long can the lies go on for before it makes no sense any more? How long can the threesome go one before it becomes gratuitous? And all of these fears never came to fruition. Just when I was starting to feel like something became redundant, it was like the writer/director knew and was like here you go let me appease your fears.

With that in mind, just when I thought that I knew where Good Kisser was going, it flipped and became a story of empowerment. So much so that in the screening people started applauding when Jenna finally stood up for herself and stopped letting her girlfriend trick her into getting in bed with the woman she was actually in love with. It was such a powerful moment that you couldn’t help but feel proud of the character.

I had seen only one of the three main actresses work before and I had never seen a movie from the director/writer Wendy Jo Carlton so I wasn’t expecting much from the movie. These type of movies are a hit or miss really and Good Kisser is a hit. It’s funny, has a powerful message and great acting from its lead.

Good Kisser shouldn’t have worked so well. And yet, it does. The humour that is injected in the script and the performances elevate everything. It’s always a pleasure to watch a film that you don’t have a lot of expectations and walk away not only satisfied but also so impressed. And Good Kisser was exactly that for me.