Queering The Script [InsideOut19 Review]

Something I always have thought about doing is programming for a theatre. What sort of films would I show, but also what films could be paired with each other? To program fun double features. I’m positive if I could, I would pair Queering The Script with Scream, Queen! and all would make sense in the world.

In Scream, Queen! we had a hero, Mark Patton where a lot of people looked on the screen to try to see themselves.  In Queering The Script, we get to peek behind the curtains on television while we discuss fandom, and once again, representation.  This documentary is geared to anybody who’s essentially been obsessed with a television show, and even more so you eventually discussed it on Tumblr. As someone who used to have one to talk about Community, Happy Endings and of course, Doctor Who. I was very invested. But the film was also geared towards queer characters that can be found on television and all the tropes that are connected to it.

With very fascinating interviews with important actors from television shows or behind the camera. They got Lucy Lawless to talk about Xena Warrior Princess. As well as Irene Chaiken, known for being the co-creator of The L Word. They even had interviews with Gloria Calderón Kellett and Mike Royce from One Day at a Time (which matters, as I’ve already written about on this site). They also talk about the fact that niche can be a good thing if we learn how to use it to re-define ourselves.

The documentary is a love letter to the queer community on the internet that can make or break a show. The fandom that allows shows like Camilla have the impact that it does. Look at Arianne and her obsession with Killing Eve and it’ll be easy to see what it’s like.

The film is told in laymen terms for newcomers to fandom, but also played up for laughs. So when certain terms (like slash fiction) it allows a pause for the audience to laugh. Toronto based filmmaker Gabrielle Zilkha who previously was at Inside Out with Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny in 2013 which won the Audience Award for Best Short Film. On top of that, when the film was starting, before the opening credits started Gabrielle yelled out “Harold, they’re lesbians.” Which is a classic tumblr reference to Todd Haynes epic Carol.

Okay, maybe it’s not an epic, but for this site and the community that the film has grown, it can be. It’s a moment that brought happiness, and not just pure despair. As the doc explains, for a while, most queer characters on the big or small screen usually had a sad or bad ending. When you’re someone who sees yourself on the big screen finally, just to see yourself die in Buffy, or The 100, or any of the other dozen shows that killed off their queer characters at the same time, the industry is telling you that you don’t matter, and you don’t deserve your own happy ending. And yes, many straight characters also die, but there are so many straight characters that their loss is a mere smudge of the overall painting. Not nearly half of the frame.

Queering The Script is an excellent documentary that tackles the true emotion that can be found in fandom while also celebrating the wackiness that comes with cosplay. But it boils down to allow people to love what they love, and who they love.