Charlie’s Angels [Trailer]

I know, reboots are never great. And in an era where they seem to be everywhere, it’s hard to be excited for them. But sometimes, one sneaks up on you and you just can’t wait for it. I still have fond memories of the Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz film of the 2000s but I just can’t help to be excited by this one. And the trailer might have been a generic action trailer but it still managed to get me excited.

Directed, written and produced by Elizabeth Banks, and she also stars has one of the Bosley’s, Charlie’s Angels doesn’t look to be revolutionizing but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun to watch. Kristen Stewart, who I know a lot of people still hate for some reason because of Twilight but the woman has been doing some great work in the indie world, Naomi Scott, who is a rising star following her great performance in Aladdin, and newcomer Ella Balinska star as the new Angels.

Look, I know some people might not care for this film but I can’t help but be excited. It seems to hit everything I like in an action movie. The front and behind the screen talent is mostly female which makes me happy and the trailer was entertaining enough for me to feel excited about this film.

Now we just have to wait for November for it to come out and see if I was right or wrong about being excited for this.