The Lighthouse [Trailer]

I logged onto Twitter right at 9am. The first thing I saw was the trailer for The Lighthouse. Cue me screaming and pulling out my laptop in a car and hot-spotting my phone so that I may be here to write about it.

I might add to future thoughts when I arrive home, but this is what we do in the meanwhile.

Let’s see this beautiful thing.

This looks GLORIOUS.

The visuals are perfection. The black and white is a thing of beauty. It is crisp and clean. From the trailer, it looks haunting and almost sweet when thinking about the relationship between Dafoe and Patterson.

I’m not sure what’s going on as the film and the trailer progresses but I’m excited to find out.

As some may know, The Witch was a big deal to me when it came out, and it still is. While some may find the film hard to get through on first viewing, I’ve lost track on how many times I’ve seen it since. I’m praying for when they show the film on the big screen again because I would run as fast as I can to do so. (Why can’t the A24 Public Access screening be more accessible to me, and me only).

There is something about the atmosphere and this sense of dread that is felt all throughout The Witch, and frankly, even if basing just on the trailer currently, it feels the exact same. In a good way. I need a film to hit me like The Witch has once again.

Also, tentacles? This is giving me strange Cthulu vibes, even though I’m probably wrong, but I am so excited.

How do you feel? Are you amped, or is just me? It’s probably just me, but also shouldn’t be just me.