Doctor Sleep [Final Trailer]

So, I’m glad and surprised that we are only getting two trailers for Doctor Sleep. I’m aware it’s close by, but I’m rather over the 300 Marvel trailers per film. It seems like Warner Brothers finally learned something.

Now if you were one of the people who saw It: Chapter Two in theatres this past weekend, you would have seen this trailer (and a brief trailer for Birds of Prey), and I love the fact that they let it play for two-three days before releasing it online. Also more rewarding that they haven’t officially released the trailer for Tenet yet (it’s good btw).

I’ve seen the trailer as I caught It twice now, so let’s watch it together this time!

The trailer opens in the Outlook hotel. Which is borderline terrifying.

Ewan as Danny looks like he’s seen some shit since he was a child. Or maybe he’s still struggling with everything. The trailer goes a bit more into the idea of what the film is about, but I’m excited to be going into this film fairly blindly.

It seems to be both a sequel to Kubrick’s Shining and an adaptation of the novel of the same name. So I’m very curious about how this is going to turn out.

Anyone else excited about this?