Portrait of a Lady on Fire [Trailer]

Now, while Arianne has already seen the film (and you can read her review here), I have not. Nor have I been keeping up with the discourse of the film. In fact, outside of the title, the winning of best screenplay at Cannes, and the universal acclaim, I know virtually nothing about the film. And that’s what trailers are for.

Neon is doing some great work currently and picking up wonderful gems. And that’s what this looks like, the film looks wonderful with the right hint of pain. Fun fact: I accidentally wrote paint at first, and it’s clear that would be crucial to the plot as well.

It’s high on Arianne’s list, and I, unfortunately, have to wait till December for its wide release, but our review is already posted if you want to hear our thoughts before then.

Are you excited to see it?

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