Everlight [Mythic Quest Special Episode]

(This review is only for Mythic Quest special episode “Everlight”, a full season two review will be released at a later date.)

The first season of Mythic Quest was one of the nice surprises that I watched during the lockdown. A show that I binged in one night and never looked back, it became a favourite quickly. Weird and quirky, it was a comedy that I just didn’t think would be for me and yet, I just couldn’t take my eyes away from it. Not only that, but Mythic Quest did something that I usually never found myself liking, they had spectacular special episodes. Their bottle episode during season one as well as their pandemic episode were so entertaining, creating some of the best of television of the last year. What was even more interesting is that their pandemic episode was probably the only pandemic-related episode that I found enjoyable.

With this special episode, Mythic Quest continues to simply knock it out of the park. Episodes that don’t advance necessarily advance the stories are sometimes a bore, but Mythic Quest is the exception because nothing this show does is boring. “Everlight” doesn’t truly advance the plot of the show, instead provides a little context as to where everyone is at the moment since we last saw them. It’s a nice little in-between moment that showcases how the show knows when to hit the pause button and instead focus on the characters and their feelings. “Everlight” showcases the best of this show and to be honest, the best of the show is the characters.

What makes this show so special is the characters. This found family of quirky and eccentric characters, these characters all so unique and yet, so familiar. Like every show, favourites are bound to happen. To me, those favourites are Poppy and Ian, but I could not say that I hate, or don’t like, a single character of this show. Each is unique and had its moments to shine during the first season, “Everlight” continues this trend. This show might have incredible writing, but the acting is what makes it so great. This special episode is proof that the show knows what every character would do in each situation. It’s a testament to a show that has such an array of personalities to mesh so well together.

Mythic Quest did a pandemic episode that I thought was maybe one of the only good ones out there. This continues in the trend of that. Taking place after the pandemic, with the world coming back to what it was, the show acknowledges the hard year that we all had, and that the characters had. The whole episode could be seen as a metaphor for our year and the pandemic. The light coming out of the darkness to win. “Everlight” in the mythos of Mythic Quest is symbolic of the good guy winning, but the show understands that it has to mean more to us. The show as a whole understands that yes, this is a show about a group of people making a video game, but they use the video game to make their characters learn lessons. They aren’t the first ones to do so, but they are one of the shows that do it the best.

Mythic Quest presents itself as this silly comedy that is absurd, but the thing is, the silliness and absurdity of it work in its favour. Because when it becomes emotional, it hits you so hard that you don’t understand what is happening. It is also clear that the show knows how to balance everything out. The characters are so unique, every single one deserves their show if I am honest. 

(Yes, I am talking about Brad and Jo, a duo I didn’t know I even wanted and now, need so much.)

“Everlight” is one of the funniest episodes of the series, something extraordinary to say because the first season is hilarious, but it is also one that understands when it is getting released. It’s an episode that, yes, on the surface looks to be a simple episode about an in-game event but in reality, it is about finding the light in the darkness and surviving this year that we all experience. 

Mythic Quest deserves more attention and I hope that this episode gives them that.