Killing Eve – Season 2 Premiere [Review]

The first season of Killing Eve was one of the most entertaining television show of 2018, making its way to my first spot in my final list of television series of 2018. So to say that I was anticipating its return is just an understatement. I don’t think I have been this excited and scared for the return of a show. Because I loved the first season so much, I was just scared that it wouldn’t live up to what I had come to expect from this brilliant show. Not only that but Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag), the showrunner for the first season, had left her post as the lead writer to go make the second season of her brilliant series Fleabag. Instead, Emerald Fennell (Call The Midwife) took the reign of the show.

Killing Eve season two could have crashed and burned so fast but within the first thirty seconds, I just knew that this was the same show I fell in love with. The best decision that this season does is to simply pick up right where the show left off. Instead of jumping, we stay in the moment that shocked everyone at the end of the first season. Eve’s decision of stabbing Villanelle has repercussion on both of them. Villanelle is as weak as we have ever seen her, Eve is still reeling from her decision. They are both at extremes that creates some great character moments. But the thing that makes Killing Eve so special is the way that it just knows it’s characters. Eve and Villanelle are so distinct that even when you are shocked by something they do, it feels so like them that you accept it as fast as it happened.

I think what this show does best is to create the parallels between Villanelle and Eve. Both of them are obsessed with each other, not able to leave the other alone. Both are still on the hunt for one another but this time it’s different. It could have felt like more of the same really but somehow even with a similar set of a cat and mouse game, Killing Eve doesn’t feel like the same show anymore. Eve and Villanelle don’t share one minute of screentime together and yet you know very well that everything they do is because of one another. The tension that has been able to be built in so little screentime together is phenomenal and that is to the credit to the writers and actors.

Last season, Sandra Oh killed it. She still kills it in this episode, exploring the darker side of Eve and the consequence of her actions. But really this episode belongs to Jodie Comer. Comer was brilliant in the first season but this time because we know how ruthless Villanelle is, we don’t need to see her kill non-stop. She’s funny, witty and brutally honest. Comer makes us fall in love with Villanelle and then goes on to murder someone with a snap of a neck and you can’t help but feel wrong for loving a character that is so bad. This episode really leans in strongly into Villanelle’s personality. The number of times that I was laughing at the faces that Villanelle would pull, her words that she just can’t help but vomit. She is just such a delight to watch and I hope that this time around Comer gets as much love as Sandra Oh did last season.

Killing Eve is the best balance of drama and humour. The way it mixes it all together is just so great. Two characters can have a very serious conversation one second and the next you are laughing your ass off because of something that happened on screen. It’s a delicate balance that is so important. Eve and Villanelle are funny, but they never feel like they are a comedian. Okay yes, Villanelle does feel like she is out of this world sometimes but it works for the show because she doesn’t have the social norm filters that we all do. Watching Villanelle hating putting Crocs on or even jumping in front of a moving taxi to get in it is everything you want, Eve admitting to her husband that she bought a shit tone of windows and not that she stabbed a psychopath who is for sure coming for her now, Caroline sharing a drink with a friend in a morgue with a perplexed Eve looking on really shouldn’t work, but it does. And it does because it’s a tone that fits the show so well.

After months away, Killing Eve proves that it is still at the top of its game. With strong performances, a story that establishes what this season will be all about and a tone that is just pitch perfect, it’s no surprise that this show just keeps growing in popularity and if you aren’t watching, you really should because Killing Eve is one of the best shows out there.