It: Chapter 2 [Trailer]

Here it finally is.

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. The first film came and knocked us all off of our feet in the best way possible. I remember when watching it in theatres being terrified as the film began and couldn’t wait for it to end so I can breathe again. But after that, I’ve seen the film nearly a dozen times and I tend to love it more and more. The cast is back and the adults who are cast are perfect choices (written before witnessing the trailer and the film, of course).

Here it is, finally.


My initial reaction is fuck, no. Simple as that. It looks like it’s going to feel just as creepy as the first one.  I’m ready to dive in and be fearful for two full hours. It’s worth mentioning that Chapter One made it onto my best of list for 2017.

Andres Muschietti is back to direct the sequel, written by Gary Dauberman and is due to be released September 6th.