It: Chapter Two [Trailer]

Trailer Week continues!

Also, this is the second trailer to drop today that happens to be a second trailer for their respective film. Or sort of. The last trailer for It was its teaser. This time it seems to be its final trailer. Which is a great choice to not have another one. We don’t need to see more trailers, we just need the film released.

I’m ready to be terrified, are you? Let’s watch the trailer now.

I need to watch that twice.

It looks bigger than I could have imagined. I loved using the footage of the kids and showing us them as adults. The hall of mirrors sequence with Pennywise looks absolutely terrifying. For those of us who have seen the miniseries, we can see some of the elements we’re aware of, while it also shows how it’s more accurate to the book in its illusions. I can not wait for this film to arrive. It’s going to knock me off my feet.