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Yesterday [Review]

Sometimes a movie has a better premise then the final product. I went in for Yesterday, I had expectations. Not only was this a script from Richard Curtis but it was a Danny Boyle film. It was tailor-made for me. And yet, when everything was done, I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. Yesterday isn’t a bad movie, it’s actually pretty good but with that premise and team, I was expecting to be blown away. And that just didn’t happen.

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Late Night [InsideOut19 Review]

Sometimes comedies just hit the right spot. Some comedies are just tailor-made for you, while others not so much. Late Night is not only in my wheelhouse when it comes to humour but it just hits a home run when it comes to its subject and message. Filmed in 2017, Late Night is as timely as ever and maybe even more in the post #MeToo era that we live in. And yet, while it hammers down on its feminist message and diversity message, it’s never too much. It always does it just right.

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Knives and Skin [InsideOut19 Review]

With every year, there are always a handful of films that I try and champion. Films with little-to-no marketing. This is why I almost have a film end on my list of favourites at the end of the year that nobody has heard of before.

Knives and Skin is definitely one of those movies you’ll hear me rave about for the rest of the year. If you followed any outlets that have been at Tribeca, Overlook or even Fantasia later this year, I know you’re going to hear all about this film. And you very much should. You’re going to hear a lot of similarities to Twins Peaks – and rightfully so.

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Booksmart [Review]

Movies are an escape. They are a way for us to spend a few hours to forget our lives. It can make us happy, sad and even, sometimes, angry. But to me, the best movies are also the one that when you walk out you can relate to them on another level. Those times that when you leave the theatre you can’t help but self reflect and find out why you connected to it so much.

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Someone Great [Review]

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson came for my heart with the gone too soon masterpiece that was Sweet/Vicious. After that show ended, I promised myself I would watch anything that would come from her brain. So when this movie was announced, I was just a little bit excited. And when the trailer dropped, I half-joked that she was coming for my neck. Well, I wasn’t far off. Because Someone Great checked all the boxes I wanted and even more.

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