Knives and Skin [InsideOut19 Review]

With every year, there are always a handful of films that I try and champion. Films with little-to-no marketing. This is why I almost have a film end on my list of favourites at the end of the year that nobody has heard of before.

Knives and Skin is definitely one of those movies you’ll hear me rave about for the rest of the year. If you followed any outlets that have been at Tribeca, Overlook or even Fantasia later this year, I know you’re going to hear all about this film. And you very much should. You’re going to hear a lot of similarities to Twins Peaks – and rightfully so.

Knives and Skin is a mood piece that is about a group of teenagers in high school as a student goes missing. It takes place in a small town that is beyond odd. For one major benefit that is new is all there are musical numbers that are choir-like style renditions to popular 80’s pop songs.

For once, I was glad I saw a film at home. There is such pure deadpan humour that I would laugh – and then questioned if I was supposed to. But I also had the opportunity to rewind the film to see what I missed.

There is real emotion in the film as well. At one point, a character is found on the roof of the school, the other teenagers find him and beg him not to jump. He soon says he’s not going to jump, but he sees a view of a way out of their town. So in their response, his classmates run to join him. So they can be reminded that there is a way out. It’s a pure honest moment from the characters that act as a reminder of things will get better but also as a wonderful joke.

The film feels like it was bathed in a neon-fueled David Lynch film. I personally hope that’s your thing because it very much is one of mine. I hope you keep your eyes peeled for this, because I’m tempted to attend Fantasia just to see this on the big screen.