5 amazing shows you probably aren’t watching but should

It’s peak television time, which means that way too often amazing shows pass by us before we even hear of them. You might think you are watching the best shows but you are probably missing some of the best television because no one can watch everything, and believe me I’ve tried. So I’ve decided to put together a small list of gems that not enough people watch and try to explain why you should.

Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh)Killing Eve (2018 – present)
on BBC America (USA), Bravo (Canada).

Look, Sandra Oh is finally getting her due. She is finally winning all the awards that she never got when she stole everyone’s heart on Grey’s Anatomy. She was the main reason we all watched, don’t lie guys. So, to finally see her win everything is great. Sandra Oh might be at the centre of the award season right now, but Killing Eve wouldn’t work without her partner in crime, Jodie Comer. While Oh’s performance as the titular Eve is spectacular, it isn’t surprising because we know how good of an actress she is. Jodie Comer, on the other hand, is relatively new for American audiences. Her performance as the psychopath Villaneve will leave you wondering if you aren’t a little bit crazy. She plays the character in such a way that is just enough to make you care for her even tho she is an assassin.

While season 2 will start airing on April 7th, the first season is already available on DVD and if you are in Canada and a Crave subscriber, it’s already there. You have no excuse really.

odaat_202_unit_00033r.jpegOne Day At A Time (2017 – present)
on Netflix.

This little gem of a comedy is so underrated. You probably saw it pop up as a Netflix Original but you just dismissed it as nothing. Well, let me tell you, go back in there and watch it. Sometimes you may wonder why are we remaking all these shows? Well, One Day At A Time is the answer. It’s taking the premise of a show and just remodeling it for modern time and finding a way to not only making it unique but showcase something different. The original One Day At A Time was about a veteran single mother. This version, again a veteran single mother but this time she happens to be Latina. It’s just a small change, but a small change that makes the whole difference. It tackles hard subjects like; coming out, PTSD, depression, addiction, religion and many others. And yet, it never feels like it tries to give you a message. It might be about a Latinx family but everyone can relate to it because it’s about a family that loves each other no matter what.

Plus, it’s so easy to access. The first two seasons are already on Netflix and season three is coming so soon, February 8. (That’s like tomorrow.)

PS: If all of that doesn’t convince you, maybe this will. It has the legendary and EGOT winner Rita Moreno in it. And that should be enough to make you watch the show. (And if you don’t know who Rita Moreno is, you really need to start watching everything she has ever done because she is a legend!)

Legends-of-Tomorrow-The-Virgin-Gary.jpgDC’s Legends of Tomorrow
on The CW (America), Space (Canada).

A show that takes the supporting characters from it’s already established shows in the Arrowverse shouldn’t work. Hell, it really didn’t in its first season. While the characters that composed the team were great and the dynamics worked, the problem centred around the storyline and the villains. The show wanted to be wacky but had a hard time to balance the comedy with the tone of the story and villain. Which is why it’s a miracle that the show is still on the air. Had it not been from an already established universe, Legends of Tomorrow would have died after one season. And yet, now in its fourth season, I can safely say that Legends of Tomorrow is the best comic book show on television right now. After the first season, it decided to just stop trying to be serious and instead went full wacky and comedy. The theme of the show is always Why The Fuck Not? and it works so well. It’s funny, witty and has characters that work together so well. And yet, because it had such a hard first season, it’s often overlooked. And it really shouldn’t.

The fourth season comes back only in April so you have time to catch up. You can watch it all on Crave in Canada and if you are already an established Arrowverse member and decide to finally give it a go, I say you can even skip season one if it’s not your cup of tea because season one is mostly there to establish the characters…

Magicians-background-1080x493.pngThe Magicians
on Syfy (America), Showcase (Canada).

Not many people know about The Magicians and yet it’s one of the best show on Syfy at the moment. The Magicians is great at one thing and it’s taking the show in places you never expect. While season one was pretty strong, they really hit the mark with the second season and beyond. They have a clear line of thoughts that they follow through and even if it seems to go fast everything makes sense. The characters are all different and well developed, even the characters that seemed very one note in the first season got their due and are now at the centre of it all. Now in its fourth season, The Magicians continues to try and defy the norms. Hell, we’ve had a musical number that helped save the day in the third season where they all had to perform while only being connected mentally. It’s weird but it works so well!

The fourth season just started and it is a bit harder to find as it’s not available on streaming services in Canada but it is available on DVD and iTunes.

nup_178851_0002.jpgWynonna Earp
on Syfy (America), Space (Canada).

Wynonna Earp is the little show that could. I’ve always described this show as the underdog that always win. It came from almost nothing and has since then developed a very loyal fanbase that would die for the characters. Wynonna Earp is funny, weird and sometimes (always) emotional. The first season was great but in the second season, it found a way to up the game by integrating the pregnancy of its lead actress. I always find it impressive when a show is capable of doing something like that and still have it make sense. Wynonna Earp is weird, it’s about the descendant of Wyatt Earp who must kill all of his victims who just come back to life. And it has horror elements in it, but it’s really the comedic aspects of the show that will pull you back in every time. It’s a little show that not enough people know about. Plus it’s Canadian so yeah!

Wynonna Earp is already renewed for a season four that should premiere this year and you can find the first two seasons on Netflix Canada, with no doubt the third one arriving before the fourth one begins.

There is, of course, other amazing shows that are very underappreciated. Lucifer, Black Lightning, Atlanta, The Americans, Money Heist, just to name a few. But this list would never end if I named every single one of them. Maybe I will come back and do another one in the future, but for now, enjoy these little gems and I hope you fall in love with them just like I did.