Sex Education [Season 2 Review]

Sometimes shows go through a sophomore slump, when they can’t quite find what made their first season stand out from the ground. So going into the second season of Sex Education, I was scared because not only did I really enjoy season one but with the ending, it was obvious that the show could go in a lot of directions. But after being able to watch all episodes of the second season before it’s released, I am happy to say that not only did it meet my expectations but it also exceeded them. Now, this review will be spoiler-free because I do believe that all the little twists and turns that happen on this show make it even better and I want everyone to be able to enjoy it and freak out just like I did when I was first watching it.

29th May Ep 5-207.dng
Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley

While the first season was great, it did really focus almost solely on Otis and his feelings. While other characters did have some moments and storylines, they almost always linked back up to Otis. This season, the show decides to build upon its foundations and instead of really being focused on one character, it really becomes an ensemble show. It’s really the same show but instead of just having one main character, they all share the screen this time, it becomes their story more than just Otis’ story and I, for one, think it worked so well. By expanding beyond Otis and his story, the show can create more stories and so expanding the length it can go on.

The strength of the show continues to be within the characters and the relationships. All of them feel more real in the second season, they continue to grow and their story becomes even more emotional this second time around because we already know them. Often, most of the first season of a show is spent establishing their characters and the different relationships that inhabit its and Sex Education is no different. The second season expands on what we already know while also creating new dynamics and relationships. It’s a show that relies a lot on the relationships and it knows it, the story wouldn’t work without the different dynamics. The first episode of the season does it so well by showing us that without Maeve, Otis is really useless as a sex therapist. They need each other and just like every relationship in the show, they have a purpose. It’s not just to create a status quo or even meet some kind of quota, they are all there for a reason and I love that.

Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effiong.

A few things that I think the show does so much better in its second season is the way it handles the stories. The first season really focused on Otis and his advice, every episode focusing on one case and finding a way to connect it to the characters and their journey. And it worked, it helped establish the show. But instead of just following the same formula it changes it up. Focusing more on stories outside the clinic but also relating it to things we previously learned about them. It’s intelligent, and it helps make the show feel fresh. We don’t feel like we are simply watching a repeat of season one, the story moves along but it does it in a way that feels organic and respectful. The show continues to have a little of everything for everyone but relies a lot less on tropes that we experienced in the first season. Because the shows expand, the characters feel more fleshed out. By opening its world, Sex Education is able to give the characters that were simply minor in its first season a much bigger storyline.

I have a soft spot when it comes to British Dramedy. I think they more often than not have that special something that only they can have. And this show is no expectation. For a year now, I have been talking it up. Forcing people to watch it and after watching season two, I regret nothing because this show continues to surprise me. It made me fall in love with the world it created in the first season and decided to expand on it and open its heart even more in season two. It continues to be funny and witty but it also delves into storylines that are much harder and dramatic. But that doesn’t change the nature of the show, it still feels familiar and warms my heart every time I think about it. I still love that group of characters and I still want to protect them with all my heart, but now I get to know them a little better and I am so grateful for that. So if you haven’t started it yet, go watch it and fall in love with it. And if you are like me and loved it, be ready for a wonderful second season and start hoping that season three isn’t too far behind.

Sex Education returns on January 17, 2020, only on Netflix.