Dead To Me [Season 2 Review]

Dead to Me

If there is one thing the second season of Dead To Me was able to do is to up its game and stakes. There’s something special when a show comes into its own brilliantly, so much so that it is even a little bit hard to find a way to talk about it without gushing too much. But also, it’s hard to find flaws when you found yourself enjoying it so much that all of a sudden the season ended and you just wanted more. That is exactly what Dead To Me delivered in its second season, a show that is not only funnier but is able to expand on its first season and even, at times, surpass it. The second season of Dead To Me might have flaws but it also helps elevate the show as a whole.


Picking up right where the first season ended, Dead To Me waste no time and lays out what the season will be about very quickly. The thing I was the most afraid with the second season was that it would feel like a repetition of the first season. Not only by continuing the story that was established with the first season but the show also expands its universe by focusing on other relationships other then the friendship between Judy and Jen. What I’ve come to realize with a few days removed from watching this new season in one sitting, may I had, is that I enjoyed the second season more than the first. Not only because it continues with what works in the first season but also finds a way to become a lot more.

I won’t go into details in term of the story of the season since one of the best things about Dead To Me are the twist and turns but even with what you know, like the fact that Steve did die at the end of the first season, even that is just the tip of the iceberg. The story continues to advance and surprise but maybe what works the best is that the show doesn’t just sit and redo the first season. By expanding the world that was set up in the first season, the show allows itself to grow. Exploring characters and motivation outside Judy and Jen, by giving a chance to characters that you maybe did not really want to succeed in the first season to have a bigger story and find their way to your heart. The new characters that are introduced are fun and it allows the show to grow. If this season of Dead To Me had to do one thing, it was to expand the world so that more stories could be told in the future and by the end of the season, it’s clear that the show is set up for multiple seasons now.


Even with all of this, the strongest aspect of the show continues to be the delightful chemistry between Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. Their chemistry is at the base of everything, without them at their best the show wouldn’t work. The way they are able to riff off each other, able to bring you to tears whether it’s of laughter or sadness, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Dead To Me would be nothing without its stars and it knows it but this season it’s able to go beyond them even more. The supporting cast continues to shine and the fact that they get more to put their teeth into shows. The two young actors, Sam McCarthy and Luke Roessler, who play Charlie and Henry Harding respectively get more to do this season and their role seems even more set to grow with each season. They are both able to hold their own against two powerhouse actresses. James Marsden continues to be brilliant and the way the show is able to use him this season is interesting and surprising since he seemed gone at the end of the first season. And the addition of Natalie Morales brings a new dynamic to the show that I hope to see continued in future seasons. What makes Dead To Me so good is that they have no weak link, from their main cast to the simple guest stars, it’s a show that balances everything so well that the cast is able to shine from the smallest moments to the biggest one.

The second season of Dead To Me could have been a disaster but by relying on it’s pairing and expanding its universe, it was able to create a world that seems poised to continue down the road. With two stars at their best, a story that continues to surprise you and writing that is superb, the show is something that continues to surprise you. It’s not perfect by any means, there are things that I would probably like to see change if the show continues but those little things are nothing compared to the greatness that this show provides. Its dark humour is addictive and refreshing and the pace of it all works, while some story points seem to be abandoned at times, they can always be revisited in future seasons which is why I can forgive for now. Stronger and better is probably the best way to describe the second season of this little gem and I, for one, can’t wait to see it continue and see what mischiefs Judy and Jen will get into in the future.